Version History - HttpWatch 14.x

Version 14.0.25 - 26 Jan 2024

  • Fixed: The Warnings tab in a page summary was not correctly updated when the list of warnings was modified
  • Fixed: Invalid response headers values were sometimes shown after multiple redirections
  • Improved: Added more info tips for response headers controlling security and document policies

Version 14.0.24 - 02 Jan 2024

  • Fixed: An 'invalid response time' error could occur
  • Fixed: Query string values were not displayed correctly in some cases
  • New: Automatic update checking can be disabled by administrators using a registry value in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (See 'How to disable update checking' in Help)

Version 14.0.23 - 18 Oct 2023

  • Fixed: An 'invalid window' error could occur during installation

Version 14.0.22 - 18 Aug 2023

  • Fixed: An error could occur in the installer when shutting down browser windows

Version 14.0.21 - 12 Jul 2023

  • Fixed: An upgrade notification could be displayed despite having installed the latest version of HttpWatch

Version 14.0.20 - 14 Jun 2023

  • Fixed: A 'Failed to set automation' error could occur when starting HttpWatch

Version 14.0.19 - 12 May 2023

  • Fixed: The automatic notification of an HttpWatch version update was not displayed in some cases

Version 14.0.18 - 11 May 2023

  • Improved: Now accepts HAR files where a floating point number is used rather than an integer for byte counts. This improves compatibility with some third party tools

Version 14.0.17 - 26 Apr 2023

  • Fixed: The toolbar in HttpWatch Studio could fail to display properly after closing a log file

Version 14.0.16 - 13 Mar 2023

  • New: HttpWatch now automatically checks for updates. This can be disabled if required in Tools->Options->General
  • Fixed: The request grid could fail to display properly in HttpWatch Studio when opening a small log file

Version 14.0.15 - 01 Dec 2022

  • Improved: Default file names for log files are automatically generated from host names
  • Fixed: Syntax highlighting of text in the Content and POST Data tabs
  • Fixed: Folding of text in the Content and POST Data tabs
  • Fixed: A crash could occur when sending a log file by email

Version 14.0.14 - 14 Sep 2022

  • Improved: Added extra information to the error message displayed if HttpWatch fails to start recording

Version 14.0.13 - 24 Aug 2022

  • Fixed: An error could occur when installing HttpWatch
  • Changed: HttpWatch now requires version 14.0.13 of the browser extension in Chrome and Edge. Updated CRX files are included with the installer

Version 14.0.12 - 18 Jun 2022

  • Fixed: Auto recording could fail in new Chrome and Edge tabs
  • Fixed: An error could occur when closing the HttpWatch window
  • Changed: The Internet Explorer extension is no longer installed by default as IE 11 was retired on June 15th, 2022. It can be installed by manually selecting the option in the installer or by using the command line argument /IEExtension=1
  • Changed: Version 14.0.12 of the Edge and Chrome extension CRX files are now included with the installer

Version 14.0.7 - 18 May 2022

  • Fixed: An error could occur when opening the HttpWatch window in Chrome or Edge
  • Fixed: An incorrect HTTP Load time could be displayed when loading HWL files

Version 14.0.6 - 13 May 2022

  • Fixed: A 'corrupted file' error could occur when opening HWL files in HttpWatch Studio version 14.0.5
  • Fixed: An error could occur when closing Edge or Chrome when HttpWatch was recording
  • Fixed: The main grid control could fail to display correctly when opening HttpWatch if auto recording was enabled

Version 14.0.5 - 27 Apr 2022

  • Fixed: The data tip for the Console column sometimes failed to display entries correctly
  • Improved: The installer now avoids the requirement for a reboot if Edge has the 'Startup Boost' setting enabled

Version 14.0.4 - 12 Apr 2022

  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when displaying a data tip

Version 14.0.3 - 18 Mar 2022

  • Fixed: An error occurred when attempting to use the the ExportFieldsAsCSV automation method
  • Fixed: A 'statusCode not found' error could occur in Chrome and Edge
  • Fixed: A 'Failed to find queue' error could occur in Chrome and Edge

Version 14.0.2 - 14 Mar 2022

  • New: Console output from Edge and Chrome (version 64 onwards) is now recorded by HttpWatch. This includes logged error, warning and information messages and output from the JavaScript runtime such as syntax errors, exceptions and calls to the console.* API
  • New: Console tabs display the console output that is specific to pages and requests
  • New: A new Console window shows all the console output that has been recorded
  • New: Console recording can be enabled or disabled using the 'Record console output' checkbox in Tools->Options->General
  • New: A Console column has been added to the main grid to show whether console output was recorded for each page or request
  • New: The UI has been updated with improved flat look icons
  • New: A new 'Full URL' data column has been added so that the original unformatted URL can be saved to CSV files
  • Improved: HttpWatch now detects requests in Edge and Chrome that belong to detached frames and would have previously have been displayed as never completing

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