Version History - HttpWatch 6.x

Version 6.2.46 - 04 Jun 2010

  • Fixed: Improved the reporting of errors when opening corrupted or truncated HWL files

Version 6.2.45 - 25 May 2010

  • Fixed: The response from some HTTPS sites was not recorded correctly in the HttpWatch plug-in for IE on Windows Vista and Windows 7

Version 6.2.44 - 05 May 2010

  • Fixed: A blank gray window could be displayed in IE when attempting to open HttpWatch after a reinstall
  • Fixed: The error message 'Failed to get upload data' could be displayed in Firefox 3.6

Version 6.2.41 - 23 Mar 2010

  • Fixed: The IE plug-in would not display a single POST parameter correctly in some situations

Version 6.2.40 - 08 Mar 2010

  • Fixed: Requests are now recorded correctly when 'Auto-detect proxy settings for this network' is used in Firefox

Version 6.2.39 - 09 Feb 2010

  • Changed: Query string parameters in a HAR file are not validated on import if the URL contains invalid characters or malformed escape sequences

Version 6.2.38 - 05 Feb 2010

  • Fixed: Attempting to download more than one file at the same time would cause an error if HttpWatch was recording in Firefox 3.5 or later
  • Fixed: In Firefox 3.6 a 'pure virtual call' error could occur when clicking on the HttpWatch Stop buttton

Version 6.2.37 - 02 Feb 2010

  • Fixed: An error in HttpWatch could occur when opening a new Tab in Firefox 3.6
  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plugin for IE did not correctly display the parameters in Microsoft Silverlight POST requests

Version 6.2.34 - 27 Jan 2010

  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plug-in would display the error message 'Failed to find window' for some users with Firefox 3.6
  • Fixed: The (Status-Line) response header did not contain the HTTP version when importing a HAR file
  • Changed: The checking of response header sizes in HAR files is now less strict because Firebug may include headers that were not returned from the server

Version 6.2.30 - 11 Jan 2010

  • New: Firefox 3.6 RC1 is now supported

Version 6.2.29 - 18 Dec 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.6 Beta 5 is now supported

Version 6.2.28 - 17 Dec 2009

  • Fixed: HttpWatch Studio may stop responding while viewing a file from WinZip

Version 6.2.27 - 14 Dec 2009

  • Fixed: The 'Open in New Tab' context menu item now uses a new window if tabs have been disabled in IE

Version 6.2.26 - 09 Dec 2009

  • Fixed: The Authorization header was not displayed in the Headers tab of the Firefox plug-in during HTTP authentication

Version 6.2.25 - 01 Dec 2009

  • Fixed: Windows 7 sometimes displayed the message 'This program might not have installed correctly' after installing HttpWatch
  • Fixed: The error 'GotoURL failed' could occur when using the automation API with IE

Version 6.2.24 - 27 Nov 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.6 Beta 4 is now supported

Version 6.2.23 - 26 Nov 2009

  • Fixed: The Size property of the Content automation object now returns zero for (Aborted) requests instead of raising an error
  • Fixed: The Firefox plugin would display the error 'Decompress failed' when attempting to handle invalid compressed data

Version 6.2.22 - 19 Nov 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 is now supported
  • Fixed: Using the HttpWatch plugin for IE and a third party program called Ad Muncher would cause an access violation in IE

Version 6.2.20 - 16 Nov 2009

  • Fixed: HttpWatch Basic Edition was incorrectly shown as 'HttpWatch Professional Edition' in the Firefox add-ons list
  • Fixed: Repeatedly opening and closing IE browser windows containing HTML frames could cause the error 'InitHttpWatch failed'

Version 6.2.18 - 12 Nov 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.6 Beta 2 is now supported
  • Fixed: The About box in HttpWatch Basic Edition failed to paint correctly in some situations
  • Fixed: Page groups would occasionally be displayed in the wrong sort order

Version 6.2.15 - 05 Nov 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.6 Beta 1 is now supported

Version 6.2.14 - 03 Nov 2009

  • Fixed: Typing into secondary windows, such as the Find dialog, caused duplicated characters to appear in the HttpWatch plug-in for IE

Version 6.2.12 - 30 Oct 2009

  • Fixed: Internet Explorer would display an error and terminate when recording with HttpWatch 6.2.11, if Sophos Security Suite or other similar third party products were installed

Version 6.2.11 - 29 Oct 2009

  • Fixed: The warning message 'Some of the URLs in the log are not supported in HttpWatch Basic Edition' was incorrectly displayed when saving HWL files in HttpWatch Basic Edition
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur while recording the first few requests in IE or Firefox

Version 6.2.10 - 26 Oct 2009

  • Fixed: HAR files created in time zones west of GMT/UTC (e.g. EST and PST at UTC -05:00 and -08:00 respectively) had double minus signs in the ISO 8601 time stamps
  • Fixed: Using the Find dialog on the Content tab after enabling a highlighting filter could cause the error 'Failed to select request'
  • Fixed: Exporting from the POST tab could cause the error 'Export dialog failed' if the name of the value contained characters that are not valid in Windows file names

Version 6.2.9 - 21 Oct 2009

  • Fixed: A 304 response with a 'Content-Encoding: gzip' header caused the error 'failed to read compressed content'
  • Fixed: An error may occur in HttpWatch Studio if a file is externally deleted
  • Fixed: Changing the filter could cause the error message 'Empty group created'

Version 6.2.8 - 19 Oct 2009

  • New: Added HTTP Archive 1.1 (.har) as an export format
  • New: HttpWatch Studio can now import and display HTTP Archive 1.1 (.har) files. Automation support for .har import will added in a later release
  • New: HttpWatch Studio displays a reload prompt if a file has been externally modified
  • New: The context menu for the URL column now has 'Open' and 'Open in New Tab' options
  • New: The api_examples directory now contains VBScript sample programs
  • New: The Cookies tab now shows domain, path and expiration date for sent cookies in Firefox
  • New: The Tools menu item 'Clear Recorded Cookies' is now available in Firefox
  • Improved: Updated the icons are displayed for .hwl and .har files
  • Improved: The rounding of individual timing values has been improved so that they their sum is equal to the Time value displayed in HttpWatch
  • Fixed: The Cookies tab now shows the correct path and domain for cookies that did not explicitly set these values
  • Fixed: Ajax POST requests are now handled correctly in Firefox 2.0

Version 6.1.55 - 30 Sep 2009

  • Changed: An error message is now displayed if recording is started in Firefox with HTTP pipelining enabled
  • Fixed: Some third party controls for Firefox could cause the error 'Failed to reset POST data'
  • Fixed: The export dialog on the Content tab would fail to open if the URL contained a colon character

Version 6.1.52 - 24 Sep 2009

  • Improved: CSV and XML files can now be exported to any directory in IE protected mode
  • Improved: Reduced flickering when resizing IE and Firefox plugin windows
  • Fixed: The use of certain printers with HttpWatch could cause the error message 'invalid vector(T) subscript'
  • Fixed: The message 'abnormal termination' could be displayed when using the HttpWatch plugin for Firefox with McAfee Intrusion detection software
  • Fixed: The Find dialog could fail to open after switching between files in HttpWatch Studio

Version 6.1.49 - 1 Sep 2009

  • Fixed: Improved error handling when opening a corrupted HWL file

Version 6.1.48 - 26 Aug 2009

  • New: The Properties window now supports Windows 7. Previous versions displayed Windows 7 as 'Windows 6.1'
  • New: The Watir sample for IE now uses Controller.IE.New and Watir's attach method to avoid issues with multiple IE 8 processes and protected mode
  • Fixed: Some .hwl log files could cause the error 'Start time offset on empty page' when opened in HttpWatch Studio
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when closing HttpWatch Studio

Version 6.1.46 - 05 Aug 2009

  • Fixed: An access violation occurred in IE if automatic recording was used with Google Gears installed

Version 6.1.45 - 04 Aug 2009

  • Fixed: POST data was not included in the XML export if no Content-Type was specified
  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plug-in for IE now can now work alongside Verdasys Digitial Guardian and some other third party HTTP monitoring tools
  • Fixed: Find now works correctly in collapsed pages with any sort column and no longer displays the error message 'Failed to select request'

Version 6.1.42 - 01 Jul 2009

  • Fixed: Columns that are wider that a single page are now printed correctly

Version 6.1.41 - 30 Jun 2009

  • Fixed: HTTP POSTs on Firefox 2.0 could cause the error message 'Invalid input stream parameter'

Version 6.1.40 - 17 Jun 2009

  • Fixed: The error 'Decompress failed - corrupted data - incorrect header check' could occur when using the Find dialog with HTTP requests that contain corrupted compression data
  • Fixed : Incomplete requests are now included in the summary values displayed in HttpWatch Studio. In the Firefox and IE plugins requests are not included in Summary statistics until they have been completed

Version 6.1.39 - 09 Jun 2009

  • New: Added support for Firefox 3.5 Preview (3.5b99)

Version 6.1.38 - 04 Jun 2009

  • New: Basic Edition has no restrictions for sites in the Alexa Top 20
  • New: Basic Edition has no restrictions for
  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plug-in for Firefox would cause the error 'abnormal program termination' when used with Google Gears
  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plug-in for IE did not correctly display POST data for requests issued through Google Gears
  • Fixed: Attempting to use search direction 'Up' in an empty log file would cause an error

Version 6.1.36 - 28 May 2009

  • Fixed: The StartedDateTime property of the Page and Entry automation objects now contains fractional seconds (resolution 1 ms). In previous versions, these properties were rounded to the nearest second.

Version 6.1.35 - 21 May 2009

  • Fixed: The error message 'invalid request index' could be displayed when clearing the log
  • Fixed: A small, unreadable font size was used in the data columns of the printed output in version 6.1.34

Version 6.1.34 - 14 May 2009

  • Fixed: Tooltips were not displayed for truncated entries in the main request grid
  • Fixed: The Result column now sorts correctly when it contains HTTP status codes and IE/Firefox error names
  • Fixed: The error 'GetRow failed' could be displayed when collapsing all page groups

Version 6.1.32 - 07 May 2009

  • New: The HttpWatch automation interface can now be accessed from 64-bit client programs (e.g. C#, VB.NET or Javascript on Vista 64)

Version 6.1.31 - 30 Apr 2009

  • Fixed: HttpWatch could incorrectly report that a Firefox version (e.g. 3.0.7) was not supported

Version 6.1.30 - 28 Apr 2009

  • New: Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 is now supported.
  • Changed: Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 and earlier betas are no longer supported
  • Fixed: Error 0x804b0044 could be displayed when deleting cache entries in Firefox
  • Fixed: Increased the initial height of the HttpWatch plug-in for Firefox

Version 6.1.29 - 22 Apr 2009

  • New: Firefox beta names (e.g. Beta 3) are now shown in the Properties window
  • Fixed: Corrected some typos in the help file under 'Automating HttpWatch'
  • Fixed: The message 'Richedit Assert' could be displayed when opening HttpWatch plug-in for IE
  • Fixed: The message 'Internet Explorer has terminated' could be displayed when repeatedly calling IE.New / Plugin.CloseBrowser with IE 8
  • Fixed: The message 'Firefox is running and cannot be shutdown' could be displayed when repeatedly calling Firefox.New / Plugin.CloseBrowser

Version 6.1.25 - 02 Apr 2009

  • Fixed: Installing certain third party software such as Google Gears could prevent embedded requests (e.g. Javascript and CSS) being displayed in page grouped mode with the HttpWatch plug-in for IE. These requests were recorded, but would only be visible if 'Group by page' on the View menu was unchecked
  • Fixed: The error message 'Year is out of valid range: 1400..10000' could be displayed if a server returned an invalid date in the Expires response header

Version 6.1.20 - 23 Mar 2009

  • Fixed: Help is now displayed correctly when HttpWatch is first opened in IE Protected Mode
  • Fixed: A lockup could occur if the Live toolbar and HttpWatch were both installed in IE 8

Version 6.1.19 - 21 Mar 2009

  • Fixed: The error 'invalid vector subscript' could occur when using the summary window

Version 6.1.18 - 19 Mar 2009

  • New: Added support for Firefox 3.1 Beta 3
  • Changed: Removed support for Firefox 3.1 Beta 2
  • Fixed: POST parameters are now displayed correctly for content type 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF8'

Version 6.1.16 - 06 Mar 2009

  • Fixed: The error message 'CException: An invalid argument was encountered' could be displayed when clicking on Record under IE 6

Version 6.1.15 - 05 Mar 2009

  • New: The Properties window can now be included on the first page of a print-out
  • New: Added Size column to grid on POST tab
  • New: Added Export button to POST tab allowing uploaded values and files to be saved to disk
  • New: The use of keyboard shortcuts in IE and Firefox can be controlled using two new options on Tools->Options->General. The default setting allows HttpWatch to be opened with a shortcut, but only processes other shortcuts when HttpWatch is visible.
  • New: Time chart continues to update if there active, blocked requests that are not sending or receiving data
  • Fixed: The keyboard shortcut for Save is now Ctrl+Shift+S to avoid blocking the browser's use of Ctrl+S
  • Fixed: Standard Firefox shortcut keys are now correctly handled by Firefox when the HttpWatch window has keyboard focus
  • Fixed: Keyboard focus is now restored after a modal HttpWatch dialog is displayed in Firefox
  • Fixed: The number of TCP connects and DNS lookups are now correctly displayed when opening a Basic Edition log file in the Basic Edition of HttpWatch Studio. If the compression savings value is not available in the Basic Edition summary window the text '(N/A)' is displayed.
  • Fixed: Trailing anchors are now removed from the URLs displayed in Firefox
  • Fixed: Status bar information was not displayed if the HttpWatch plugin window was undocked
  • Fixed: POST data is now correctly displayed in Firefox for Ajax and types of request that were not generated by HTML forms

Version 6.0.24 - 23 Feb 2009

  • Fixed: Invalid entries in the IE browser cache could cause the error message 'Error = 123 : The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect' when attempting to clear the cache using Tools->Clear Cache
  • Fixed: Flash files on some web sites would not load in Firefox if HttpWatch was recording

Version 6.0.23 - 17 Feb 2009

  • Fixed: A conflict between the Office List control and HttpWatch caused the background color of rich text cells in a SharePoint data sheet to change to black in IE
  • Fixed: The Properties window is now hidden in the IE and Firefox plugins when the Print Preview window is displayed

Version 6.0.20 - 10 Dec 2008

  • New: Added support for Firefox 3.1 Beta 2
  • Changed: Removed support for Firefox 3.1 Beta 1

Version 6.0.19 - 02 Dec 2008

  • Fixed: The Firefox plugin is now installed by default when the HttpWatch installer is run in silent mode (using the /S command line flag). A new /firefox_plugin=0 command line flag can be used to disable Firefox support in silent installations. See 'Silent Install' in the HttpWatch help file for more details about the setup program command line arguments

Version 6.0.18 - 01 Dec 2008

  • Fixed: The XML export file now has valid date and time values in the cache section
  • Fixed: Text in the 'Started' column no longer flickers when the mouse pointer if moved over the grid

Version 6.0.17 - 28 Oct 2008

  • New: HttpWatch now supports Mozilla Firefox 3.1 Beta 1
  • Changed: An improved error message is now displayed if an attempt is made to send a log file by email from IE 7 protected mode with Outlook 2007. Log files can sent by email using Outlook from the HttpWatch plugin for Firefox or by using HttpWatch Studio, but not directly using IE 7 in protected mode.
  • Fixed: Ruby/Watir spider sample now handles errors when attempting to find links in RSS feed documents

Version 6.0.15 - 13 Oct 2008

  • Fixed: Displaying certain types of Adobe Flash files on Windows Vista could cause the message 'HttpWatch Studio has stopped working'

Version 6.0.14 - 23 Sep 2008

  • Fixed: Automatic saving of log files could not be disabled if automatic recording was enabled

Version 6.0.11 - 15 Sep 2008

  • New: HttpWatch now supports Firefox 2.0 and 3.0 on Windows as well as IE 6, 7 and 8 Beta 2
  • New: Added a Properties window that can opened or closed from the View menu. It displays information about the log including browser type, time zone and operating system version
  • New: A comment can be assigned to a log file using the Properties window or through the automation interface
  • New: The values shown in the Summary window's Timings tab can now be accessed through the automation interface.
  • New: Started times can now be displayed as local time, GMT or as an offset from the start of the log
  • New: the Timings tab in the Summary window now provides minimum, maximum, average and total for each type of timing (e.g. DNS Lookup, Connect, etc)
  • New: Visual Studio style tabs are displayed in HttpWatch Studio for each log file making it easier to switch between files
  • New: The automation interface has been updated to support Firefox, timing summaries and log properties
  • New: There is now a FireWatir automation sample
  • Changed: The shortcut key for the Filter dialog is now Ctrl+F9
  • Changed: Removed workaround for modal dialog issue in IE 8 Beta 1. HttpWatch now requires IE 8 Beta 2 or later to work with IE 8
  • Changed: Removed support for Windows 2000

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