Version History - HttpWatch 7.x

Version 7.2.24 - 06 Feb 2012

  • Changed: Updated copyright year to 2012

Version 7.2.23 - 16 Dec 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 9.0

Version 7.2.22 - 09 Dec 2011

  • Fixed: A 'Callback is not connected' error could occur in Firefox
  • Fixed: The grids in the Summary window did not handle sorting correctly

Version 7.2.21 - 15 Nov 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 8.0
  • Fixed: A UTF-8 encoding issue in the exported HAR file could stop international characters being displayed correctly in other HAR viewers
  • Fixed: The error 'Failed to read input stream size' could occur in Firefox

Version 7.2.20 - 05 Oct 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 8.0 Beta 1

Version 7.2.19 - 28 Sep 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 7.0
  • Fixed: 'Out of range column' errors could occur when third party test tools were used to drive the HttpWatch UI

Version 7.2.17 - 21 Sep 2011

  • Improved: Detects more third party software components in IE that can block recording by HtttpWatch

Version 7.2.16 - 14 Sep 2011

  • Fixed: An 'invalid response time' error could occur in IE after clicking on the Stop button

Version 7.2.15 - 09 Sep 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 6
  • New: Supports Firefox 7 Beta 4
  • Fixed: Inconsistent timings could be displayed for requests that were active (e.g. in Wait state) when recording was stopped

Version 7.2.13 - 10 Aug 2011

  • Fixed: HttpWatch would not open in Firefox 5.0.1

Version 7.2.12 - 05 Aug 2011

  • New: Supports Firefox 6 Beta 4
  • Changed: Proxy-Support is now recognized as a response header
  • Changed: The 'Connecting' and 'Connected' actions replace the 'Connect' action in the Overview tab
  • New: The 'Connection Reuse' action in the Overview tab indicates when an existing connection was used to send a request
  • New: Actions in the Overview tab now have tooltips

Version 7.2.4 - 19 Jul 2011

  • Fixed: Cached redirections in IE 9 and Firefox now display the redirection icon in the Type column
  • Fixed: On some pages in IE 9 cached requests were not grouped correctly with their containing page

Version 7.2.2 - 23 Jun 2011

  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plugin window could be replaced by a gray or black rectangle in Firefox 5.0 when viewing sites with Flash content

Version 7.2.1 - 22 Jun 2011

  • New: HttpWatch supports Mozilla Firefox 5.0

Version 7.1.52 - 14 Jun 2011

  • Improved: The Professional Edition can now display Chinese and other international characters in the license information

Version 7.1.51 - 10 Jun 2011

  • New: Firefox 5 Beta 5 is supported
  • Improved: Auto-saving of log files now avoids splitting a page group across HWL files. If the browser is busy when an auto-save is due, HttpWatch will wait for up to 50% of the auto-save timeout period. E.g. if you have an auto-save timeout set to 10 mins it will wait for up to 5 mins for the browser to be idle before saving the log file
  • Fixed: An access denied error could occur when saving a HWL file to a mapped terminal services drive
  • Fixed: A 'Failed to unregister adapter' error could occur in Firefox
  • Fixed: A deadlock could occur when using HttpWatch with Firefox 3.6 on Windows XP embedded

Version 7.1.41 - 27 May 2011

  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plugin for Firefox would not go into Record mode in some situations
  • Fixed: Added a workaround for a possible compatibility problem with the Roboform toolbar in Firefox

Version 7.1.40 - 12 May 2011

  • Fixed: In some cases the If-Modified-Since header in Firefox 4.0 was shown in the Stream tab but not the Headers tab.
  • Improved: The error code (0x800C0501) that IE 9 returns when blocking downloads due to Tracking Protection is now shown as INET_E_DOWNLOAD_BLOCKED_BY_INPRIVATE
  • Improved: HttpWatch now displays an error message when HTTP recording is blocked by third party software such as Rapport

Version 7.1.38 - 26 Apr 2011

  • Improved: An error message is now displayed if an attempt is made to open HttpWatch in IE 64-bit or a pinned IE 9 site on Windows 7

Version 7.1.37 - 19 Apr 2011

  • Fixed: Supports web servers that return lower case status lines, e.g. 'http/1.1 200 OK'
  • Fixed: No longer displays an error dialog when attempting to view a corrupted flash file

Version 7.1.36 - 28 Mar 2011

  • Fixed: A CHW file could be left in the HttpWatch directory after uninstalling HttpWatch
  • Fixed: The first call to the ImageWidth or ImageHeight automation properties would return zero instead of the correct value

Version 7.1.34 - 22 Mar 2011

  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when closing the Firefox main window with HttpWatch active

Version 7.1.33 - 07 Mar 2011

  • Fixed: Very large values of max-age in the Cache-Control header caused lexical cast errors
  • Fixed: The value of max-age was not correctly checked if the Cache-Control header also contained other comma separated values
  • Fixed: HttpWatch now handles URLs with user name and password prefixes that contain the $ symbol
  • Fixed: A breakpoint exception could occur in Firefox 4.0
  • Fixed: Closing Firefox using the CloseBrowser method could cause a deadlock

Version 7.1.31 - 01 Mar 2011

  • Fixed: Range and If-Range headers were not correctly displayed in the Headers tab within the Firefox plugin
  • Fixed: Version 7.1.30 did not validate the httpVersion value in HAR files correctly

Version 7.1.30 - 22 Feb 2011

  • Fixed: A 'Failed to parse status line' error could occur when opening HAR files
  • Fixed: Opening a PDF file in IE9 RC would cause a 'Get doc object failed' error

Version 7.1.29 - 11 Feb 2011

  • Fixed: The DOM Load and Render Start events now work correctly in IE9 RC

Version 7.1.28 - 09 Feb 2011

  • Fixed: The compatibility checking in Firefox has been updated to account for the additional Firefox 4 betas 11 and 12

Version 7.1.27 - 08 Feb 2011

  • Improved: The directory used by the Save, ExportCSV, ExportXML, ExportHAR and ExportCSVFields automation methods is no longer restricted when using IE in Protected Mode. Any output file name can be used so long as the automation process has access to the target file and directory
  • Improved: The CloseBrowser method now waits for the browser to completely close down before returning. This prevents errors in Firefox when repeatedly open and closing the browser with HttpWatch automation
  • Changed: An error is returned if an attempt is made to use Wait(Ex) or IsLoadingPage(Ex) without first calling Record on the Plugin automation object
  • Fixed: The recording operation system was displayed as 'Windows 7' when an HWL file was recorded on Window Server 2008 R2
  • Fixed: URLs containing a host name with a trailing colon and no port value would cause an 'Invalid source url' error message in IE 6

Version 7.1.26 - 21 Jan 2011

  • New: HttpWatch supports Firefox 4 Beta 9. This version should also work with subsequent betas and the final release of Firefox 4.0
  • Fixed: A deadlock could when recording HTTPS page access in Firefox or IE after many hours of usage
  • Fixed: A 'Module find failed' error message could occur after re-installing an old version of HttpWatch without uninstalling version 7.1

Version 7.1.23 - 22 Dec 2010

  • New: HttpWatch supports Firefox 4 Beta 8
  • New: Added new columns to display URL components - Path, File Name and Query String
  • Fixed: A 'failed to register callback' message could occur in Firefox 3.5

Version 7.1.21 - 10 Dec 2010

  • Fixed: In HttpWatch versions 7.1 - 7.1.20 the Wait and WaitEx automation methods incorrectly returned true when a timeout occurred
  • Improved: The Wait and WaitEx automation methods now return errors if invalid or inappropriate values are supplied for the timeOutSecs or httpIdleSecs parameters

Version 7.1.20 - 09 Dec 2010

  • Improved: The Wait and WaitEx automation methods now return any HttpWatch errors encountered in the browser
  • Fixed: HttpWatch could display negative timing values on Windows 2003 Server with certain CPUs
  • Fixed: An error could occur in Firefox when rapidly opening and closing browser windows

Version 7.1.16 - 02 Dec 2010

  • Changed: The Summary pane now shows statistics for all requests in a page or selection. In previous versions it only showed data for completed requests.
  • Fixed: The Network tab was empty in HttpWatch Studio for pages with no completed requests
  • Fixed: The error 'Invalid load time' could be displayed in the IE 9 beta

Version 7.1.15 - 30 Nov 2010

  • New: HttpWatch supports Firefox 4.0 Beta 7
  • New: The DOM Load event is displayed in the IE 9 beta
  • New: An HttpWatch entry on the IE and Firefox context menu makes it easier to open HttpWatch in the minimalist user interfaces of IE 9 and Firefox 4 betas. It also allows HttpWatch to be opened in browser windows that have no menu or toolbar.
  • New: Added 'DOM Load', 'Render Start', 'Page Load' and 'HTTP Load' page event columns
  • New: Added 'DNS Lookups', 'Round Trips' and 'TCP Connects' columns
  • New: Added footer level totals for 'Compression Bytes Saved' , 'Warnings List' and 'Warnings Count' columns
  • New: Page level summary values are exported to CSV file
  • New: The Firefox Attach automation method accepts a profile name or profile directory to improve integration with Selenium
  • Improved: Reduced the overhead of displaying the HttpWatch plugin window when recording traffic to complex web pages over high speed networks.
  • Improved: The handling of keyboard focus in the HttpWatch plugin for Firefox has been enhanced. It is now possible to tab into and out of the HttpWatch plugin window.
  • Improved: Installing HttpWatch on multi-user machines (e.g. Citrix Server) no longer requires a reboot in order to setup the plugin for IE. This also applies to cases where HttpWatch will be used in a non-admin account after it has been installed using an admin account.
  • Fixed: Static and groupbox controls could disappear when the Alt key was pressed
  • Fixed: The uninstaller now prompts for local admin rights under Windows XP
  • Fixed: Automatic recording confirmation dialog displays correctly in IE protected mode
  • Fixed: The error 'Failed to get request data' was displayed when using Simple AdBlock in IE
  • Fixed: An "out of range column index" error could occur when removing columns
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when scrolling through requests containing Flash resources
  • Fixed: 401 responses during a successful NTLM authentication no longer trigger a warning

Version 7.0.26 - 06 Aug 2010

  • Fixed: The error 'invalid time zone' would be displayed if the PCs time zone setting was changed while recording in HttpWatch
  • Fixed: The 'Recorded Local Time' option in the HttpWatch Studio view menu displayed the start times using the local time zone of the PC
  • Fixed: The error message 'Invalid response time' could be displayed for aborted SSL connections in IE
  • Fixed: Network timing start point was not shown correctly in the Time Chart tab
  • Fixed: The Wait method of the Controller class now works correctly when called from a Windows Service

Version 7.0.24 - 01 Jul 2010

  • Improved: A warning is now displayed if an incompatibility is detected with the Messenger Companion add-on that is installed by the Microsoft Live Essentials Beta 15.x
  • Fixed: A 'Column out of range' error message could be displayed after changing columns
  • Fixed: A 'Failed to get tooltip data' error could occur on some PCs

Version 7.0.23 - 22 Jun 2010

  • Fixed: HAR files with a BOM marker can now be opened in HttpWatch
  • Fixed: An access violation occurred when attempting to open a HAR file with no page groups
  • Fixed: More than three fractional digits are now accepted for the seconds value in ISO8601 date/time strings when importing HAR files

Version 7.0.22 - 15 Jun 2010

  • Improved: Added a 'Using Ruby' section to the HttpWatch Automation Reference help file
  • Fixed: Corrected typos and broken links in help files
  • Fixed: An error message is no longer displayed by HttpWatch when nesting Firefox within a tab using the URL 'chrome://browser/content/browser.xul'

Version 7.0.21 - 07 Jun 2010

  • Fixed: The error 'Invalid Seek offset' could be displayed when opening a log file in HttpWatch Basic Edition

Version 7.0.20 - 07 Jun 2010

  • New: Page event timings are now displayed in the the time chart with tooltips
  • New: Added 'Page Events' to page summary window
  • Improved: Requests that occur before and after the page load event now appear in a single page group
  • New: Added a warning column that displays a ! for any request where a warning was issued (see Warnings section below for more information). The tool tip for the ! displays a short summary of the warnings found on the request
  • New: Added a Warnings tab to display the warnings found on a request
  • New: The summary window now contains a Warnings tab
  • New: Right clicking on a column heading in the main grid displays a content menu of customization options
  • New: Added Tools->Warnings dialog that can be used to disable individual warnings. Also available from the context menu on a warning
  • New: The columns used in the main grid can be changed using the 'Select Columns' option in the grid header context menu
  • New: Columns can be reordered by dragging
  • New: The font used in the main grid can be changed using the 'Font...' option in the header context menu. If you choose a larger font the grid text, headings and data tips are scaled up making it useful for demos
  • New: Tooltips have been added to all grid column headers to explain what the grid is displaying
  • New: Data tips display explanations of certain data values (e.g. result codes) and HTTP header names
  • New:Send by Email, Export CSV, Export HAR and Export XML are now available for HAR files in HttpWatch Studio
  • New: Added a Type column to the POST Data tab to show the content type of uploaded files
  • New: The Result column value for failing request is colored red and (Cache) results are grayed
  • New: Secure, HttpOnly and Source columns added to Cookie grid
  • New: Added Tools->Options->CSV Export to allow customization of fields in CSV export files
  • New: The Type column now uses icons to indicate content type. The text based column is still available as the 'Content Type' column in the Select Columns window
  • New: Can now save a HAR file as a HWL file
  • Changed: Has a new version 7.x HWL file format
  • Changed: Renamed 'Performance' summary tab to 'Network'
  • Changed: Can no longer load HWL files saved with HttpWatch version 4.x

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